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Which of the following is not a metal and is liquid at ambient temperature?

Option: 1


Option: 2


Option: 3


Option: 4


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Correct option B

Bromine At room temperature, bromine is a non-metal that maintains a liquid form. The chemical element bromine has the symbol Br and atomic number 35. 

It is a volatile reddish-brown liquid at ambient temperature and the third-lightest halogen.

Despite not being a metal, phosphorus is a solid at ambient temperature. While it is a non-metal-like chlorine, it is a gas at room temperature. At room temperature, helium is a noble gas and a gas.

Incorrect option A


The non-metal with the atomic number 15 is phosphorus (P). White phosphorus and red phosphorus are the two main types of elemental phosphorus.

Incorrect option D


A chemical element with the atomic number two and the letter He is helium. It is the first member of the noble gas group in the periodic table and is a colourless, odourless, tasteless, inert, monatomic gas. The lowest melting and boiling points of any element are for this one.

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