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Which of the following is used for the synthesis of amino acid glutamate.

Option: 1



Option: 2



Option: 3

Succinyl CoA


Option: 4


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The intermediates of the Krebs cycle were responsible for the synthesis of glucose, fatty acids, amino acids, and nucleic acids.

Anabolic activities include:

1. Citrate enters the cytosol from the mitochondria and is oxidized to generate acetyl CoA. This stimulates fatty acid biosynthesis.

2. Ketoglutarate is a raw material used in the manufacture of the amino acid glutamate.

3. Oxaloacetate is used in the manufacture of the amino acid aspartate, pyrimidines, and alkaloids.

4. Succinyl CoA synthesizes pyrrole molecules such as cytochromes and chlorophylls.

Option a is the correct answer. 


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