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Which of the following occurred in anaphase I?


Option: 1

Separation of homologous chromosome.

Option: 2

Separation of non-homologous chromosome.

Option: 3

Separation of sister chromatids


Option: 4

Both a and c

Answers (1)


Homologous chromosomes split from one another and travel to the cell's opposing poles during the meiotic stage known as anaphase I. Disjunction or segregation of homologous chromosomes is the term used to describe this process. Sister chromatids are still connected at their centromeres during anaphase I and don't split until anaphase II. Anaphase I does not result in the division of non-homologous chromosomes because they do not pair during meiosis. Hence option 1 is correct.

Option 2 is incorrect because non-homologous chromosomes do not link up with one another during meiosis I. Instead, they segregate separately during anaphase I and align randomly during metaphase I. As a result, during anaphase I, there is no "separation" of non-homologous chromosomes.

. Sister chromatids do split apart during anaphase I, however this only happens during meiosis II and not meiosis I. Separation takes place between sister chromatids in meiosis II as opposed to meiosis I, which separates homologous chromosomes. Hence option 4 is wrong.


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Ajit Kumar Dubey

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