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Which of the following pairs of liquids would form an ideal solution at room temperature?

Option: 1

Acetone and water

Option: 2

Ethanol and benzene

Option: 3

Carbon tetrachloride and chloroform


Option: 4

Nitrogen and oxygen

Answers (1)


An ideal solution is formed when the intermolecular forces between the components are similar. Nitrogen and oxygen are both nonpolar molecules that have London dispersion forces as their only intermolecular force. Hence, they would form an ideal solution. Acetone and water have different polarities and form a non-ideal solution. Ethanol and benzene have different polarities and different intermolecular forces, so they would also form a non-ideal solution. Carbon tetrachloride and chloroform have similar polarities and intermolecular forces, but they have different molecular shapes and sizes, which would prevent them from forming an ideal solution.

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Sumit Saini

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