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Which of the following real gas properties is NOT taken into consideration by the ideal gas law?

Option: 1

The volume of the gas particles

Option: 2

The attraction between the gas particles

Option: 3

The temperature of the gas

Option: 4

The pressure of the gas

Answers (1)


The pressure, volume, temperature, and particle count of gas are mathematically related by the ideal gas law. 

There are no intermolecular forces (i.e., no attraction or repulsion) between gas particles, and it is assumed that gas particles are point masses with no volume.

This presumption holds true only for perfect gases, which don't actually exist.

Real gases experience intermolecular forces and have volume.

Real gases may behave differently from ideal gases as a result of several considerations, deviating from the ideal gas law.

Particularly, the attraction between gas particles may force them to adhere to one another, lowering the gas's pressure.

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