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Which of the following statement are wrong about the digestive system of cockroach

  1. The gastric caeca ring is located at the intersection of the midgut and the hindgut.

  2. The hypopharynx is located inside the mouth parts' cavity.

  3. In females, the 6th-7th sterna jointly develop a vaginal pouch 

  4. In both sexes; the tenth abdominal part endures a pair of anal cerci

Option: 1

I and II

Option: 2

I and III

Option: 3

II and III


Option: 4

II and IV

Answers (1)


Statements I and III are incorrect because the intersection of the foregut and midgut contains the ring of gastric caecae. In female cockroaches, the seventh sternum joins the eighth and ninth sterna to develop a vaginal pouch.

Statement II and IV are correct because the hypopharynx is present inside the mouth part-enclosed cavity. Both sexes of the cockroach have a pair of anal cerci on the 10th abdominal segment, and only the male cockroach has a pair of chitinous anal styles on the 9th sternum.

Option (b) is the correct answer.

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