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Which of the following statement is incorrect?


Option: 1

Glaucoma causes an increase in intraocular pressure above the usual range of 15-20 mm. 

Option: 2

The only treatment for presbyopia is surgical lens removal and convex lens replacement.

Option: 3

The abnormalities in the lens and corneal shapes cause astigmatism.


Option: 4

People who suffer from myopia can see distant objects clearly, but not up close.

Answers (1)


The loss of capacity to focus on surrounding objects as a result of changes in the eye's lens is known as presbyopia, a disorder that commonly affects persons over the age of 40. Presbyopia can be effectively treated through surgical lens removal and replacement with convex lenses, but this is not the only option. Reading glasses, bifocals, progressive lenses, and multifocal contact lenses are further treatments for presbyopia. Hence option 2 is correct.

For incorrect options, 

Option 1 is accurate since glaucoma is a disorder that can elevate intraocular pressure, which, if untreated, can harm the optic nerve and result in visual loss. Hence option 1 is incorrect.

Because astigmatism is a condition caused by irregularities in the shape of the cornea or lens, which can result in blurry or distorted vision at all distances, Option 3 is also a true statement. Hence option 3 is incorrect.

Option 4 is untrue since people with myopia, or nearsightedness, typically have no trouble seeing up close but have trouble seeing clearly in the distance. Hence option 4 is incorrect.


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