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 Which of the following statement is incorrect?

Option: 1

Peroxisomes are located in the cytoplasm of both plant and animal cells, close to the mitochondria, ER, and chloroplast (in plant cells).

Option: 2

Photosynthetic cells contain between 70 and 100 of peroxisomes, which come from the endoplasmic reticulum.

Option: 3

Long-chain fatty acid metabolism takes place in plant cells via peroxisomes.

Option: 4

Peroxisomes aid in photorespiration in plant cells that are photosynthesizing.

Answers (1)


The beta oxidation-mediated breakdown of very long-chain fatty acids is an important function of the peroxisome. The long fatty acids in animal cells are changed into medium-chain fatty acids and transported to mitochondria, where they are eventually broken down into water and carbon dioxide. Hence option (3) is correct.


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