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Which of the following statement is incorrect?

Option: 1

The endothecium, which has thin walls and creates the stomium or line of dehiscence of the anther, is situated between the two microsporangia in one anther lobe.

Option: 2

The pollen grains and growing microspore mother cells are fed by tapetum.

Option: 3

Nutrients and thick protoplasm are both present in the tapetum's cells.


Option: 4

The epidermal cells become thicker and more fibrous.

Answers (1)


D. The correct statement is endothecium cells become thicker and more fibrous. The epidermis, which has a single layer of cells, is the top layer of an anther from a flowering plant. The epidermis is in charge of guarding the anther's internal tissues. The epidermal cells do not, however, thicken and grow more fibrous as the anther develops. Hence option 4 is the correct answer.

Explanation for the incorrect options :

Option 1 is incorrect because, in one anther lobe, there is a layer of cells called the endothecium that is situated between the two microsporangia. It produces the stomium, or line of anther dehiscence, and has thin walls.

Option 2 is incorrect because the tapetum provides food for the pollen grains and developing microspore mother cells. The growing pollen grains receive nourishment from the tapetum, a layer of cells that surrounds the microsporangia.

Option 3 is incorrect because the growth of the pollen grains depends on the presence of nutrients and thick protoplasm in the tapetum's cells.

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