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 Which of the following statement is incorrect?

Option: 1

The organelle known as a centrosome typically houses two centrioles, which are cylindrical structures.

Option: 2

In a centrosome, both centrioles are parallel to one another and are organised similarly to a cartwheel. 

Option: 3

The hub, which connects with tubules of the peripheral triplets via radial spokes likewise formed of protein, is the centre portion of the proximal section of the centriole. 


Option: 4

When animal cells divide, the centrioles create the spindle fibres that become the spindle apparatus as well as the basal body of cilia or flagella.

Answers (1)


In a centrosome, both centrioles are perpendicular to one another and are organized similarly to a cartwheel. The cartwheel is a sub-centriolar structure near the proximal end of the centriole that consists of a central hub and nine radially distributed spokes. It appears as the first ninefold symmetrical structure at the beginning of the centriole building process. Hence option 2 is the correct answer.

Explanation for the incorrect options :

Option 1 is incorrect because the given statement is correct. In the centrosome of an animal cell, centrioles are found as paired cylindrical organelles containing pericentriolar material (PCM). Animal cells and certain lower plant cells include cilia and flagella, which are solitary structures called cilioles. Microtubules are used to build centrioles.

Option 3 is incorrect because the given statement is correct. The hub refers to the center portion of the proximal area of the centriole. Radial spokes link the hub to the tubules of the peripheral triplet. Protein makes up both the hub and spoke.

Option 4 is incorrect because the given statement is correct. For cytokinesis to take place, centrioles arrange the microtubules to create spindle fibers that drag the chromosomes to their opposing ends. The basal body of cilia and flagella is formed by further modifications to centrioles. To help with movement, the basal body holds the cilia and flagella in place.

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