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Which of the following statements about gases is accurate?

Option: 1

Gases are highly incompressible.

Option: 2

Its volume and shape are fixed.

Option: 3

Gases exert equal pressure in each and every direction.

Option: 4

Among the three states of matter, gases have the highest density.

Answers (1)


(A) Gases can have their volume lowered by applying pressure since they are very compressible.

(b) Gases have variable volumes and shapes. Changes in temperature, pressure, and volume cause gases to either expand or contract, taking on the form and volume of the container in which they are contained.

(c) The kinetic theory of gases states that gases exert an equal amount of pressure in all directions. This is due to the fact that gas molecules are always moving randomly and colliding with one another and the walls of their container, causing pressure to be evenly dispersed throughout.

(d) Compared to solids and liquids, gases contain the least amount of mass per unit volume and hence the lowest density among the three states of matter (solid, liquid, and gas).

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