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Which of the following statements is correct about the Foregut of cockroaches?

  1. The small space present inside the mouth is called the preoral chamber

  2. The hypopharynx separate preoral cavity into the salivarium

  3. The sterna of females cockroach jointly develop a vaginal pouch 

  4. The anterior part directs to the food passage


Option: 1

I and II

Option: 2

I and III

Option: 3

II and III


Option: 4

II and IV

Answers (1)


Statements II and IV are correct. The mouth cavity, also known as the preoral chamber, is located outside the mouth, encircled by mouthparts.Hypopharynx separates the preoral cavity into a posterior part known as the salivarium and an anterior part called the cibarium. The posterior part opens the salivary duct whereas the anterior is part direct towards the narrow food passage.

Statements I and III are incorrect because the  small space present outside the mouth is called the preoral chamber. The vaginal pouch developed in the hind gut.

Option 4 is the correct answer. 

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Divya Prakash Singh

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