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Which of the following statements is true about the valence bond theory?

Option: 1

It explains the hybridization of atomic orbitals.

Option: 2

 It explains the formation of ionic bonds.

Option: 3

It explains the formation of metallic bonds.


Option: 4

 It explains the formation of hydrogen bonds.

Answers (1)


The valence bond theory is a model that explains how atoms combine to form molecules. It is based on the concept of atomic orbitals and their overlap to form covalent bonds. The theory also explains the process of hybridization, which is the mixing of atomic orbitals to form hybrid orbitals. These hybrid orbitals can then overlap with other hybrid or atomic orbitals to form covalent bonds. The theory does not explain the formation of ionic, metallic, or hydrogen bonds.

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Ramraj Saini

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