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Which of the statements regarding the adventitious roots given below is not correct:

Option: 1

Floating roots develop spongy air filled roots as in jussiaea

Option: 2

Stilt roots are present in Maize and sugarcane

Option: 3

Pneumatophores are special feature of sweet potato

Option: 4

Epiphytic roots absorb moisture from the air.

Answers (1)


Pneumatophores are actually a special type of adventitious root found in certain plants, such as mangroves. They are vertical, aerial roots that grow upward from the underground root system and protrude from the water or marshy soil. Pneumatophores are specialized for gas exchange, allowing the plant to obtain oxygen from the air since the submerged roots in waterlogged environments may not have access to sufficient oxygen. Therefore, the correct option is Option 3. Pneumatophores are not a special feature of sweet potatoes; they are found in mangroves and some other waterlogged environments.

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Suraj Bhandari

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