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Which part of urethra is more susceptible for injury? 

Option: 1



Option: 2



Option: 3



Option: 4

All of the above

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Urethra mainly has 3 parts . Prostatic, membranous and bulbar.

Prostatic part is that part of urethra that passes parallel to prostate present near the neck of bladder .

Membranous urethra passes horizontally through the pelvic floor.

Membranous urethra angulates and continues to be bulbar urethra. Bulbar urethra is near to penis. 

the bulbar urethra is covered with erectile tissue of corpus spongiosum. It penetrates urogenital daiphragm as prostato-membranous urethra.

The margins of corpus spongiosum and thereby of bulbar urethra are attached to perineal membrane. It is more vulnerable to tear at this point in pelvic bone fractures.

Hence option A is correct.


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Ramraj Saini

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