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 Which statement is incorrect w.r.t mitosis ?

Option: 1

Mitosis is the process by which a cell replicates its chromosomes and then segregates them, creating two identical nuclei in preparation for cell division. 

Option: 2

Mitosis is typically followed by equal division of the cell's content into two daughter cells with identical genomes. 

Option: 3

 Mitosis is the process by which gametes are produced.


Option: 4

  All of the above

Answers (1)

  1. A cell prepares for cell division by replicating its chromosomes, segregating them, and creating two identical nuclei during the mitotic phase.

  2. The cell's contents are often evenly divided into two daughter cells with identical genomes after mitosis.

  3. Gametes are created during the meiotic process.

Option 3  is the correct answer. 

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