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Which type of epithelial cells are the component of the epidermis present in the body wall of the earthworm?

Option: 1

Squamous epithelium

Option: 2

Columnar epithelium

Option: 3

Ciliated epithelium

Option: 4

Cuboidal epithelium

Answers (1)


Earthworms have a columnar epithelium present inside their body wall. This tissue is made up of elongated cells that are taller than they are wide, giving them a column-like appearance. The columnar epithelium serves several important functions in earthworms. It provides a protective layer that helps to prevent damage to internal organs and tissues, and it also helps to regulate gas exchange and waste removal. Hence, the correct answer is option 2. 

Explanation for the Incorrect options: 

Option 1 is incorrect because the squamous epithelium is not typically found in the body wall of earthworms. Squamous epithelium is a type of epithelial tissue that is composed of flat, scale-like cells that form a continuous layer. It is found in a variety of tissues throughout the body, including the skin, lining of the mouth and throat, and lining of blood vessels and organs.

Option 3  is incorrect because ciliated epithelium is a type of epithelial tissue that contains specialized cells called cilia. Cilia are hair-like structures that extend from the surface of the cells and can move rhythmically, creating a wave-like motion that helps to move substances across the surface of the tissue. It is generally found inside the lining of the respiratory tract and fallopian tube.

Option 4  is incorrect because a type of epithelial tissue known as cuboidal epithelium is made up of cells that are shaped like cubes. It can be found in the lining of kidney tubules, the thyroid gland, and the salivary glands, among other tissues, all over the body. 

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