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Which virus causes hepatitis C?


Option: 1

Hepatitis A virus

Option: 2

Hepatitis B virus

Option: 3

Hepatitis C virus


Option: 4

Hepatitis D virus

Answers (1)


Hepatitis C is a viral infection that mainly damages the liver, inflaming it and possibly even causing permanent liver damage. Before 1992, when blood screening was adopted, the virus was transferred via direct contact with infected blood, such as when sharing needles or other injecting equipment, obtaining a blood transfusion, or receiving an organ transplant. It can also spread sexually, however this is less typical.

Separate viruses are responsible for causing hepatitis A and B, while hepatitis D is a virus that can only infect those who have already contracted hepatitis B. The hepatitis C virus (HCV), a blood-borne virus that can cause both acute and chronic infection, is what causes hepatitis C. Hepatitis C can be treated, but there isn't a vaccination to prevent it at this time.

Option 3 is the correct answer.


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