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Who introduced a term hormone?

Option: 1

William M. Bayliss

Option: 2

Richard ebright

Option: 3


Option: 4

None of the above

Answers (1)


C. The term "hormone" was first used in 1905 by English physiologist Ernest H. Starling to refer to the chemical messengers generated by endocrine glands that control the actions of numerous organs and tissues in the body. Hence option C is correct.

A. William M. Bayliss in option A is inaccurate since, despite working with Ernest H. Starling on tests that discovered hormones, it was Starling who first coined the term "hormone" in 1905. Hence option A is incorrect.

B. Option B, Richard Ebright, is untrue as well because he is a biochemist who is best known for his research on the regulation of gene expression in bacteria and hasn't made any contributions to the discovery or understanding of hormones. Hence option B is incorrect.

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