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Q 3. 10 mL of a solution of NaOH is found to be completely neutralised by 8 mL of a given solution of HCl. If we take 20 mL of the same solution of NaOH, the amount HCl solution (the same solution as before) required to neutralise it will be

(a) 4 mL          (b) 8 mL          (c) 12 mL          (d) 16 mL

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It is given that
10ml of NaOH neutralizes 8ml Solution of HCl
\therefore 1 ml of NaOH neutralizes = \frac{8}{10} = \frac{4}{5} \ ml Solution of HCl
Therefore, 20 ml of NaOH will neutralise= \frac{4}{5}\times 20=16 \ ml solution of HCL

Therefore, 16 ml of HCl solution will be required to neutralize the 20 ml of NaOH.

The correct answer is (d)

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Gautam harsolia

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