Q6. A contractor estimates that 3 persons could rewire Jasminder’s house in 4 days. If, he uses 4 persons instead of three, how long should they take to complete the job?

Answers (1)

Here the situation is given that a contractor estimates that 3 persons could rewire Jasminder's house in 4 days.

Now, as the number of person increases the time they take to complete the job will decrease.

Hence there is an inverse relationship among the number of persons and the time they took.

Jasminer now uses 4 persons instead of 3, then we can assume the time 4 persons will take be 'x'

So, we can write the relation as:

3\times 4days = 4\times xdays . or     x= 3 days.

Thus, the 4 persons complete the job in 3 days.