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7.28     Dihydrogen gas is obtained from natural gas by partial oxidation with steam as per following endothermic reaction:

                CH_{4}(g)+H_{2}O(g)\rightleftharpoons CO(g)+3H_{2}(g)

       (b)     How will the values of Kp and composition of equilibrium mixture be affected by

                (i)      increasing the pressure

                (ii)      increasing the temperature

               (iii)      using a catalyst?

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(i) According to Le Chatellier's principle, if pressure is increased, then the reaction will shift towards the less number of moles of gases. So, here the direction of equilibrium is backward and the value of K_p decreases.

(ii) According to  Le Chatellier's principle, as the reaction is endothermic, the equilibrium will shift in the forward direction. The value of K_p is increases.

(iii) The equilibrium of the reaction is not affected by the presence of the catalyst. It only increases the rate of reaction.

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