Q11. Fill in the blanks.

(i) Zero has ________ reciprocal.

(ii) The numbers ________ and ________ are their own reciprocals.

(iii) The reciprocal of – 5 is ________.

(iv) Reciprocal of  \frac{1}{x} , where x ≠ 0 is ________.

(v) The product of two rational numbers is always a _______.

(vi) The reciprocal of a positive rational number is ________.

Answers (1)

(i) Zero has no reciprocal as it's reciprocal is not defined.

(ii) The numbers 1 and -1 are their own reciprocals as  \frac{1}{1} = 1 and  \frac{1}{-1} = -1

(iii) \frac{1}{-5}.   We know that reciprocal of A is  \frac{1}{A}.

(iv)  Since    \frac{1}{\frac{1}{x}} = x.

(v) rational number. We know that if p and q are 2 rational numbers then pq is also a rational number.

(vi) Positive. Since reciprocal of A is  \frac{1}{A} , now if A is positive then reciprocal is also positive.