Q: 8.13 How will you ‘weigh the sun’, that is estimate its mass? The mean orbital radius of the earth around the sun is  1.5\times 10^8\hspace{1mm}km

Answers (1)

Mass of sun can be calculated by using the following formula:-  

                                            M\ =\ \frac{4 \times \pi^2 \times r^3 }{GT^2}

Putting the known values in the above formula, we obtain :

                                                   =\ \frac{4 \times (3.14)^2 \times (1.5\times 10^{11})^3 }{6.67\times 10^{-11}\times (365.25\times 24\times 60 \times 60)^2}

or                                                =\ \frac{133.24\times 10}{6.64\times 10^4}\ =\ 2\times 10^{30}\ Kg

Thus the mass of the sun is nearly  2\times 10^{30}\ Kg.