Q4. If a box of sweets is divided among 24 children, they will get 5 sweets each. How many would each get, if the number of the children is reduced by 4?

Answers (1)

Given that the box of sweets is divided among 24 children, getting 5 sweets each.

If the number of children is reduced by 4 then the number of children now is 24-4=20.

As here if the number of children increases then the number of sweets they will get decreases hence we can say that there exists an inverse relationship between them.


if we assume:

Number of children before (x1)  = 24 

Number of sweets each would get before (y1) = 5 

and number of children after reduction (x2) = 20 

and the number of sweets each would get after reduction is y2

Then the relation holds;

x1\times y1=x2\times y2

or 24\times 5=20\times y2   or   y2= 6.

Hence each child will get 6 number of sweets..