Q3. In Question 2 above, if 1 part of a red pigment requires 75 mL of base, how much red pigment should we mix with 1800 mL of base?


Answers (1)

As we know that mL of red pigment is directly proportional to the mL of base.

We have to calculate for the mL of red pigment used when we mix 1800mL of base,

So, for 1 part of red pigment requires 75mL of base, then we

\frac{redpigment(mL)}{base(mL)}= \frac{1}{75} .

So for 1800mL of the base, mL of the red pigment should be mixed 

\frac{redpigment(mL)}{1800mL}= \frac{1}{75}     or     redpigment(mL)=\frac{1800mL}{75}=24mL

Hence for the 1800mL of base, we will mix 24 parts of red pigment.