Q1. Observe the given table and find if x and y are directly proportional.


Answers (1)

If x and y are directly proportional then  \frac{x}{y} must be equal to a constant value let say some  'k'.

Hence we then calculating: \frac{x}{y}

\frac{6}{4}=\frac{3}{2}                       \frac{10}{8}=\frac{5}{4}                       \frac{14}{12}=\frac{7}{6}                          \frac{18}{16}=\frac{9}{8}  

\frac{22}{20}=\frac{11}{10}                 \frac{26}{24}=\frac{13}{12}                     \frac{30}{28}=\frac{15}{14}  ,

as you can see that all these values are not equal hence, 

we can say that x and y are not directly proportional.