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7.63     Predict if the solutions of the following salts are neutral, acidic or basic: NaCl, KBr,NaCN,NH_{4}NO_{3},NaNO_{2}and KF

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Salts of strong acid and strong base are neutral in nature for example- 

  • NaCl (NaOH + HCl)
  • KBr(KOH+ HBr)

Salts of a strong base and weak acid are basic in nature for example-

  • NaCN(HCN+NaOH)
  • NaNO_{2}(HNO_{2}+NaOH)
  • KF (KOH+HF)

Salts of strong acid and a weak base are acidic in nature for example-

  • NH_4NO_{3} (NH_4OH+HNO_{2})
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