9.33 What do you expect the nature of hydrides is, if formed by elements of atomic numbers 15, 19, 23 and 44 with dihydrogen? Compare their behaviour towards water

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R Rakesh


Atomic Number 15 19 23 and 44 are phosphorus, potassium, vanadium, and ruthenium respectively.

hydrides of these elements are 

(i)PH_{3}- its an electron rich species also a covalent molecule.   

        a lone pair of electron.

(ii)Hydrides of potassium- dihydrogen forms an ionic hydride. It is crystalline and non-volatile in nature 


(iii) hydrides of vanadium and ruthenium- Both elements belong to d- block. They form metallic and non-stoichiometric hydrides. They are metallic in nature.


Behavior towards water-

  • D block element does not react with water
  • phosphorus reacts with water (behave as Lewis base and accept H^{+} and form PH_{4}^{+})
  • potassium react with water and form KOH and liberate hydrogen gas