9.8  What do you understand by (i) electron-deficient, (ii) electron-precise, and (iii) electron-rich compounds of hydrogen? Provide justification with suitable examples.

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R Rakesh


(i)Electron-deficient hydrides- 

Those compounds having fewer electrons to writing its conventional Lewis structure. examples B_{2}H_{6} (all the elements of group 13 form electron deficient hydrides)

(ii)Electron-precise hydrides-

Those compounds have the required number of electrons to write their conventional Lewis structure. ex- CH_{4} (all elements of group 14 form such compounds)

(iii)Electron-rich hydrides-

Electron-rich hydrides have excess electrons which are present as lone pairs. elements of group 15-17 form such compounds like NH_{3},H_{2}O has one lone pair and two lone pair respectively.