10.17 What happens when (i) magnesium is burnt in air (ii) quick lime is heated with silica (iii) chlorine reacts with slaked lime (iv) calcium nitrate is heated ?

Answers (1)
R Rakesh

(i) Magnesium is more electropositive and burns with dazzling brilliance in the air to give MgO and Mg3N.


2Mg+O_{2}\rightarrow MgO\\ 3Mg+N_{2}\rightarrow Mg_{3}N_{2}

(ii) Quick lime combined with silica to form calcium silicate which is used as slag.

CaO+SiO_{2}\rightarrow CaSiO_{3}

(iii) when chlorine reacts with slaked lime it produces bleaching powder.

2Ca(OH)_{2}+2Cl_{2}\rightarrow CaCl_{2}+Ca(OCl)_{2}+H_{2}O

(iv) when calcium nitrate is heated is decomposed to give calcium

2Ca_{3}(NO_{3})_{2}\rightarrow 2CaO + 4NO_{2} +O_{2}