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Q 2.     Which has more number of atoms, 100 grams of sodium or 100 grams of iron (given, atomic mass of Na = 23 u, Fe = 56 u)?

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The number of moles of 100 g Na atoms :


The number of moles in 100 g of Fe atoms :


As we know, the one-mole atoms contain 6.022\times10^{23} atoms. 

So,  more the number of moles, more the number of atoms. and hence 100 g of Na atom has a greater number of atoms than 100 g Fe.

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Pankaj Sanodiya

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Atomic mass of Na =23u

Atomic mass of Fe =56u

Then gram atomic mass of Na =23gram Now 23 g of na contains = 6.022 ×1023 g no of atoms ,Thus 100 g of na contains 2.6182×1023 no then gram of atomic mass of Fe =56g , now 56 gram of Fe contains 6.022 × 1023 g no of  atoms thus hundred g  of Fe  contains  6.022× 1023 /56 × 100 numbers of atoms 

100 g of Fe contains = 1.0753× 1024 number of atoms 

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Shristi pal

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