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13.10  Why is benzene extra ordinarily stable though it contains three double bonds?

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Benzene is a hybrid of various resonating structure.

Each carbon of benzene is in sp^2 hybridisation. Two sp^2 hybrid orbitals of each carbon is overlapping with adjacent carbon atoms orbital resulting in six C-C sigma bonds all are in a hexagonal plane and remaining  sp^2 orbital overlap with s-orbitals of hydrogen and form C-H sigma bonds. In benzene six C-H sigma bond presents. And the remaining unhybridised p-orbital (which are perpendicular to the plane), they formed \pi-bond by lateral overlapping. The possibility of forming \pi-bond is six (C_1-C_2,C_3-C_4,C_6-C_1, / C_2-C_3,C_4-C_6, C_6-C_1).
There are 6-\pi electron, which delocalised and moves freely about the six carbon nuclei and the presence of these delocalised  \pi-electrons in benzene makes it more stable


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