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500 words of I would like to describe equality in terms of

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The term equality means a state where everyone is same. It means everyone has the same chances of getting things like resources. These resources are food, jobs, houses, transport etc. There are various types of equality. These equalities are like our rights thus, everyone can have them. Most important type of equality is equality before law. It means that all people irrespective of their caste, class, age, gender are treated equally in front of the legal system.

Next is equality to jobs and opportunities. Every person has the right to get job and work anywhere they want in the country. They can't be discriminated based on their gender, caste, class and status. This comes within civil equality. In this everyone is provided equal rights and liberties.

Equality also means that a person can't deny other person their rights. Other form of equality is natural equality meaning all people are born equal and cannot be discriminated on any basis. Thus, equality means equal rights and privileges and abolition of special rights and privileges based on caste, class and gender. This comes within social equality as access to medicines and vaccines. 

Next is political equality that means equal participation in political process by all. Economic equality means equal distribution of resources such as wealth. Thus, equality has different meanings and it comes in various forms and types. 

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