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A cube of 9cm of edge is immersed completely in a rectangular vessel containing water . if the dimension of the base are 15cm and 12cm . Find the rise in water level in the vessel .

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Solution : We have , 

                  Edge of the given cube = 9 cm 

	herefore                 Volume of the cube = (9)^3 cm^3 =729 cm^3

If the cube is immersed in the vessel , then the water level rises . 

Let the rise in the water level be x cm . 

Clearly ,

                   Volume of the cube = volume of the water replaced by it . 

Rightarrow               Volume of the cube = Volume of a cuboid of  dimension 15cm	imes12cm	imes x cm 

Rightarrow                729=15	imes12 	imes x

Rightarrow                x = frac72915	imes 12cm Rightarrow x = 4.05cm

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Deependra Verma

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