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A cylindrical road roller made of iron is 1 m wide . its inner diameter is 54 cm and thickness of the iron sheet rolled into the road roller is 9cm . Find the weight of the roller if 1 c.c. of iron weights 8gm .

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Solution: The width of the road roller is 1m  i.e  , 100cm

So,            Height (length) of the cylinder =100cm

                 Inner radius of the cylinder    =r=frac542cm=27cm

                 Thickness of the iron sheet= 9cm

	herefore              Outer radius of the cylinder =R=(27+9)cm=36cm

Thus ,       Volume of the iron sheet used =(pi R^2h-pi r^2h)cm^3


                                                                    =[3.14	imes (36+27)(36-27)	imes100]cm^3

                                                                    =frac314100	imes63	imes 9	imes100=178038cm^3

	herefore              Weight of the roller    =178038	imes8gms=178038	imes frac81000Kgs=1424.304Kgs

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Deependra Verma

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