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A swimming pool is 20m in length , 15m in breadth , and 4m in depth . find the cost of cementing its floor and walls at the rate of Rs 12 per square metre .

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Solution:  We have ,

               l= length of the swimming pool =20m

               b= breadth of the swimming pool =15m

               h=height of the swimming pool=4m

	herefore             Area of the four walls of the swimming pool =2h(l+b)=left  2	imes 4	imes(20+15) 
ight m^2=280m^2

               Area of the floor of the swimming pool =l 	imes b=20	imes15 m^2=300m^2

	herefore           Total area to be cemented =(280+300)m^2=580m^2

              cost of cementing 1 square metre =Rs12

	herefore            Cost of cementing  the floor and the walls =Rs (12	imes580)=Rs 6960

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Deependra Verma

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