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An object 5 cm in length is held 25 cm away from a converging lens of focal length 10 cm. Draw the ray diagram and find the position, size and the nature of the image formed.

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Object distance u = -25 cm.

Focal length = 10 cm

Let image distance be v

\frac1f=frac1v+frac1u\ frac110=frac1v+frac1-25\ frac1v=frac110+frac125\ v=16. 66 cm

Position of the image is 16.66 cm on the other side of the lens.

Object size O = 5 cm.

Let the image size be I

Magnification is m

\m=fracvu\ fracIO=frac16.66-25\ I=5	imes -frac16.6625\ I=-3.33 cm

The nature of the image is real and its size is -3.33 cm.

The formation of the image is shown in the following ray diagram

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Deependra Verma

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