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Asl speech on art and craft

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Good Morning to the esteemed Principal, teachers and my friends. Today I am going to give a speech on the topic “Importance of art and craft”. Art and craft is usually considered a co-curricular activity. A good share of people believe it to be a hobby or a pastime and condemn it as a career option due to its lack of a lucrative opportunity. What people don’t realise is that art and craft is as important as your education. It makes us creative and help us grow individually. Just like writing, it is a form of expression. It’s a hand skill set which is not in abundance and that makes it special. Everyone can draw but it doesn’t mean they draw well. But practice can make you better in time. Art is a way of escaping from reality where you build your personal fantastical space. Imagine life without art and craft, to not being able to draw anymore, not having an outlet for your emotions seems pretty dull. Various art forms like parsi embroidery, puppets, naga handicraft are dying. They are not only art forms but they are a part and history of a culture they belong to, which are diminishing. It is our duty to popularise them, to prevent them from extinction. Students especially can opt for Arts and crafts as an additional subject. Not only it will increase their creativity, it would also help them broaden their skills. Art of any form is the essence of live. We must preserve and cherish it. You have been a kind audience. Thank you.

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Deependra Verma

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