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Details about figures of speech

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Figures of speech is a poetic device which is used in a language to produce a greater effect on the reader or the listener.

Types of Figures of Speech -

Simile - It is a figure of speech by which one thing, action is compared, often with as or like, to something of different kind or quality.

Example-  I wandered lonely as a cloud.

Her words are sweet like honey.

Metaphor - It is an implied simile.Here two things are treated as one which comparing them.

Example- She is an old flame.

He is Silent as the grave.

Personification An inanimate object is likened to or spoken of as a person.

Example- Opportunity knocks at the door but once.

Experience is the best teacher.

Apostrophe - It is a direct address to made a person or a thing or an abstract idea or imaginary object.

Example-  "O Romeo,Romeo wherefore art though Romeo."

"I'm planning to write a book someday."

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