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Essay on Discipline.

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Discipline is one of the factors in a person’s success. A disciplined person is always punctual and does their designated tasks on time. They are very unlikely to procrastinate. Instead of depending on someone else, they take matters into their own hands. We know that life should be spontaneous and we should live everyday like it is our last, but discipline takes a person in the right direction and also gives them a sense of achievement. Precision, discipline, punctuality and hard work factor in a person’s success and well being. A disciplined routine is a good habit which should be instilled in us from childhood. Our human body’s clock is set with the motto “early to bed, early to rise”. Discipline ensures this. When we wake up early, we get things done earlier than others and make us feel fulfilled and happy. Discipline should be the way of life. 

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Deependra Verma

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