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Essay on swatchh bharat abhiyan/ clean india

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Swachh Bharat Abhiyan or as it is also known as Clean India Mission started in two thousand fourteen by honourable Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi. The objective of this mission is to raise awareness among the public regarding garbage disposal, solid waste management and open defecation. The mission is aimed at raising awareness on matter of cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene.

Efforts are being taken in the direction of solid waste management by sending safaai mitras or sanitary workers with vans to collect household garbage door to door. These people go in urban localities with a song playing in their van urging them to throw waste in the van. They also raise awareness on wet and dry waste. Wet waste are biodegradable waste, it includes cooked and uncooked food material, fruits, flowers and green leaves. Dry waste are non biodegradable waste it includes glass, leather, metal, plastic and rubber wire. Wet waste or biodegradable waste is thrown into green dustbin while dry waste or non biodegradable waste is thrown into blue dustbin.

The first phase of the programme lasted till October two thousand Nineteen. While right now, second phase is going on. The second phase aims at raising awareness on open defecation system. Open defecation means excretion of waste such as unire, latrine out in open or near by sources of water. The actions taken on this regard are building public toilets in public spaces. It also tries to stop manual scavenging that is lifting waste from hands. It also raise awareness on giving respect to such people who do our work and thust bringing a change in sanitation practises and behaviour of people. Another step taken in this direction of giving respect to helpers are by calling them safaai mitras or sanitary workers. Change in term leads to change in our opinion and our behaviour and how we look at their work. Thus, these are the objectives of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and a positive change has happened in this direction. 

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