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Essay on to thine own self be true

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The phrase- Thine own self be true means being true with oneself. It means being honest with oneself. Broadly, it means being true with oneself in all aspects of one person's life. It means living a life of honesty. Honesty should be there in all aspects of your life be it personal, relationships or professionally.

We can be true to ourselves by doing our duties well. It means doing our work honestly in a way that we don't cheat anyone. It means living a life which is transparent. Earning money by right means and paying other's their due.

Personally, being true to oneself means being honest with one's relationships. It means to communicate and involve other people into your life. These other people are your near dear ones. Our family members, friends should be treated with respect, love and honesty. Thus, thine own self be true also means being true with your relationship with yourself and others. 

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Deependra Verma

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