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How will you infer with the help of an experiment that the same current flows through every part of the circuit containing three resistances in series connected to a battery?

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(a) Steps- 

1. Connect an ammeter between R_1 and R_2 and note down the current.

2. Repeat the same by connecting it between R_2,R_3 and then R_3 and R_4

3. You will find that all the notings are same. hence, same current flows throughout a circuit with service connection.


(i) The two 24Omega restores are in parallel the resultant resistance will be frac1R=frac124+frac124



The circuit could be drawn as

Let's assume current i is flowing in the circuit

V=i	imes 12+i	imes 12


(ii) The current in both ammetur A_1 and A_2 will be same because they are connected in series

Hence difference between reading will be zero.

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Deependra Verma

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