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I want an essey on hud hud cyclone

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It was the most severe cyclone along with heavy rains at Visakhapatnam in the last 40 years. The wind speeds were more than 100 kmph. The heavy rains caused the drowning of houses and flooding of roads. There was no electricity and drinking water for at least four days. There was no milk and other food supplies for two days. There was a lot of shortage of fuel.  The roads to reach Visakhapatnam were broken.  Many electric poles and trees were uprooted. Cell phones were not working due to damage to cell towers. Many rooftops were blown off. Over 4 lakh people were evacuated in Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. It is the strongest tropical cyclone in the north of the Indian ocean. It originated due to low pressure in the Andaman Seas. The cyclone's peak strength was 170 mph wind speed and 960 bar pressure at its center. It drifted towards UP and Nepal after crossing the coast. The speed of the Hud Hud cyclone was 215 km/h. Cyclone Hudhud is pounding the eastern Indian coast, causing extensive damage and prompting the evacuation of some 350,000 people. The cyclone, classed "very severe", brought winds of 205km/h (127mph), as it passed over the coast near the city of Visakhapatnam. The Hudhud caused sudden and severe snowstorms in north Nepal and killed some persons there in the Himalayan trekking route

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