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Indian heros summary for project

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In the story the Indian Heroes, the teacher names named Mrs. Baruah gave children a task of sharing in class what they want to be when they grow up. Different children have different responses to it such as becoming a cricketer like Sachin Tendulkar,  a social worker like their parents, a pilot for the thrill of plane and even an actor or a politian. However, the most outstanding response was of  a child named Kabeer. He was a shy child who feel little uncomfortable sharing his thoughts with the class. Still, he confidently shared his ideas because he felt strongly for them. He wants to be like people who are National Security Guards, an announcer on the Mumbai railway line, General Manager of Taj Hotel, Terrorism Squad Chief, a chaiwala, the cemetery caretakers and an ant. He picked up qualities from these people and wanted to imbibe those qualities  which helped them to save the nation and its people. These people were filled with patriotism and honour. He wanted to serve the country. His inspiration were those people who have tried to save other people's life at their personal cost. It was people like these who were real heroes and should be appreciated and supported. We should give due respect to their sacrifice and work. Hearing this all the students and the  teacher started clapping. 

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