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Letter on frequent power failure in your area

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B-2 House no.-20, Civil lines,

New Delhi

3rd March 2021


The Editor,

Hindustan Times,

New Delhi

Subject- Frequent power cut of my locality.


I am an avid reader of your esteemed newspaper and I wish to draw your kind attention to the plight of our residence. For the past two weeks, our locality has seen frequent power cut of electricity, which is managed by BSES. As the President of The Resident Welfare Association, I have complained to the respective authorities but it went in vain. Electricity might not be a basic necessity for survival but is an important service in urban areas. We pay good amount of taxes and bills against such services.

There is frequent power cut in our locality which disrupts the routine of the people. Students cannot study in the evening, we can't use our electronic supplies or charge them properly. Also, people can't use the water motor to store water which is the biggest problem out of all. We wish to bring this problem into light through your esteemed newspaper column. Your attention to this matter will bring a speedy response from the authorities. Please take immediate action against our problem.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Jatin Chaddha

Posted by

Deependra Verma

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