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Summary of The Seven Ages by William Shakespeare

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The Seven Ages of a Man is a poem  written by William Shakespeare. The summary of the poem is as follows. A man in his life has seven ages, all separate and different from each other. All the world is a stage and all men and women are merely players and the god is the one playing us like puppet. We all come in this world to fulfill certain obligations. We all are similar in certain ways. Our job is to come in this world, go through each stage and eventually die.

The first age is that of a child being too young and dependent on other people for support. Second age is that of a complaining school boy who shines bright and doesn't want to go to school in the morning. At this stage the child like a snail. At third age he is like a lover who falls in love with a girl. At fourth age, he is a soldier who is bearded, who can engage in a quarrel easily. The soldier cares about his reputation and honor. At age fifth, he is now fat and has gained weight. He is wise now and his beard is of formal cut. At age sixth, he shrinks now and slips into his pantaloons, warm comfortable clothing. His eyesight has become weak so he wear spectacles. His voice is very manly. At age seven, he again become a child with childishness and weak body. Weak body with weak eyes, hands, legs, taste, taste and weak everything. This is the last age of the person.

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