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The circumference of the base of a 10 m high conical tent is 44 metres . calculate the length of canvas used in making the tent if width of canvas is 2 m .

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Solution:  Let r m be the radius of the base , h m be the height and l m be the slant height of the cone . then, 

                 Circumference = 44 metres

Rightarrow                           2pi r=44Rightarrow 2 	imes frac227	imes r= 44 Rightarrow r=7 metres

It is given that h=10 metre

	herefore                            l^2=r^2+h^2Rightarrow l=sqrtr^2+h^2=sqrt49+100=12.2m

                   Surface area of the tent    =pi rl=frac227	imes 7	imes 12.2=268.4m^2

	herefore          Area of the canvas used =268.4 m^2

It is given that the width of the canvas is 2 m . 

	herefore                    Length of the canvas used    =fracAreawidth=frac268.42=134.2m

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