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The circumference of the base of a cylindrical vessel is 132cm and its height is 25 cm . How many liters of water can it hold ?

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Solution:  Let the base radius of the cylindrical vessel be r and its height be h . 

We have , 

               Circumference of the base = 132cm and Height = 25cm

	herefore             2pi r = 132      and    h=25

Rightarrow             2	imes frac227	imes r=132       and   h=25

Rightarrow             r=frac132	imes72	imes22=21        and    h= 25

	herefore             Volume of the vessel = pi r^2h

                                                  =frac227	imes(21)^2 	imes25 cm^3=34650cm^3

                                                   = frac346501000litres=34.65litres              [ecause 1000cm^3=1 litres]

 Hence , the vessel can hold 34.65 litres of water .

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Deependra Verma

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